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Welding Services

Pro Fax Rolls (positioner) 5000 lb. Capacity
Scotchman Ironworker 50514-CM Sheer/Punch
  • Can punch 1/4"-1 1/4" holes in 3/8"-1/2" plate
  • Can sheet 3/8" plate up to 6" wide
Miller: Millermatic 252 Welding Machine
(2) Miller: Delta Fab Welding Machine with 24A Wire Feeder
Pro Fax positioner WP-500 500 lb. Capacity
Hypertherm Powermax 65 Plasma Cutter
Miller: Filtair MWXD Fume Extractor
Miller: Deltaweld 302 with 70 Series Dual Head Wire Feeder
Preston Easton Rolls (positioner) 5000 lb. Capacity
Miller: Synchrowave 350 LX Welding Machine
Pro Fax Positioner WP-2000-4 2000 lb. Capacity
Miller: Deltaweld 300 with S-22A Wire Feeder
Pro Fax Positioner WP-1000 Capacity
Miller: Deltaweld 452 Welding Machine
Lincoln Electric: Idealarc DC-600 Sub Arc Welding Machine
with Lincoln NA-3N Wire Feeder
Miller: XMT 450 CC/CV Welding Machine with 70 Series Dual Wire Feeder
(3) Performarc Panasonic - 350TR Robotic 6' x 14" Welding Cells
  • Full 6 axis robotics with servo tilt 360° positioner
  • Towers 450 power source
Miller XMT 350 CC/CV Auto Line Welding Machine
Miller Feeder D-74D Gun Drive Roll Kit
Miller Industrial Dual Mig
Profax Positioner 115V 1000 lb. Capacity



We are BPVI Certified.
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Our ASME Certification allows us to manufacture pressure vessels
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